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How to launch a brand using PR: Our Step-by-Step guide

In the past, almost every new brand was launched with a big advertising campaign. In today’s media environment, that’s not the best  idea.   [David Leonard and Rozanna Purcell  at the PR launch of Meteor’s New SIM only Proposition which coincided with the leap year in 2012. Traditionally in Ireland, the 29th of February is a date when it ispost

Why a brand is not ‘just a logo’

It’s 9.30am and I’m lacing up my Nike Runners ready for a gym session. My Apple iPod is loaded with a stash of razor light tracks and there’s a bottle of Lucozade Sport for when the thirst hits. In an hour, I’ll be back. With my new Gillette Turbo at the ready, I’ll shower andpost

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Does your Go-To-Market strategy answer the 1 million €uro-question?

Whenever I talk to companies about their Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy, no matter how big they are, I find myself going back to the 1 million €uro-question. Here it is: When you eventually become a 1 million €uro company, what will your customer base look like? Will it be: Go-To-Market-Planning-Strategy-Letterkenny-Donegal 1 customer paying you €1 millionpost

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