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Client: Pink Garlic

Background:  The guys at Pink Garlic were looking for someone to partner with to ensure brand consistency across all consumer touchpoints.


The objectives were to:

1.) Increse sales

2.) Establish a brand positioning for Pink Garlic.

3.) Drive awareness of the “Taste the Passion” campaign in the Letterkenny and surrounding area.


Our approach always begins with an insight which is Real Market and customer understanding, that people RELATE and REACT to, and inspires CHANGE if acted upon. We were tasked with developing a brand positioning and communicating that to the customer through digital while also encouraging interaction with the brand. We supported the guys at Pink Garlic to develop their brand, proposition and Go To Market strategy which included activating an app to secure direct orders thus eliminating high commission rates of online ordering services. We began by building on our insights to develop the campaign “Taste the Passion” and creative to support:

Brand Positioing
Brand personality, values, promise
Menu Design
Print Advertising Design
Application of brand across social media
Social Media Management


Pink Garlic orders have continued to grow week on week since the inception of the campaign and the brand has benefited from increased awareness. Pink Garlic has firmly positioned itself as an establishment that goes over and beyond to ensure the customer remains at the heart of what it does. From the preparation of food, the ingredients used to the welcoming of guests…customers can expect to “Taste the Passion” in everything it does.