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Luca’s Restaurant “Something for all the Family”

Client: Luca’s Restaurant

Background: Since finding meaning in one’s environment is such an important aspect of business resilience, it should come as no surprise that the most successful organisations and people possess strong value systems. It was with this in mind that a series of workshops were conducted to uncover the core values of the business that would help Luca’s stand head and shoulders above an already crowded market, each vying for a share of wallet. Luke, Caine, and Clive were seeking out a guide to help them build their brand from an idea and we had 8 weeks to do it!


The objectives were to:

1.) Conduct a series of workshops to define the core values of the business which would later assist with the positioning strategy.

2.) Create, in consultation with management & staff, the Corporate Identity/Branding, and positioning of the business. This included all customer touch points including Naming, Logo Design, Window Decals, Menus.

3.) Position Luca’s as the “family ” “fun” “Value” brand in the sit-in and takeaway sector which resulted in the tag-line “We’ve got something for all the family”.

4.) PR and on-going Social Media Management & Design in line with Brand Guidelines created.


On time and on budget launch of the newly created Luca’s Brand in an astonishing eight weeks timeframe. Long days and late nights to satisfy the client.

Huge Media pick up of the launch which was covered in the local press with no advertising cost.

Happy clients which are the most rewarding result we could have asked for.