Client: Coast Cafe & Restaurant

Background: Coast Cafe & Restaurant.

Objectives: The objectives were to:

1.) Conduct a series of workshops to define the core values of the business which would later assist with the positioning strategy.

2.) Create, in consultation with management & staff, the Corporate Identity/Branding, and positioning of the business. This included all customer touch points including Naming, Logo Design, Window Decals, Menus.

3.) Position Coast Cafe & Restaurant as the “family ” “fun” “Value” brand in the sit-in and takeaway sector.

4.) PR and on-going Social Media Management & Design in line with Brand Guidelines created.

Approach: WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT IS FINDING OUT WHAT MAKES OUR CLIENTS DIFFERENT. We first set about conducting a competitive analysis to better understand the Cafe & Restaurant trade in Greencastle. After an extensive SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis, we worked with the guys to occupy a space in the mind of their ideal customer. We were tasked with developing a brand positioning and communicating that to the customer through digital while also encouraging interaction with the brand. We supported the guys at Coast Cafe & Restaurant to develop their brand, proposition and Go To Market strategy which included developing and activating their brand proposition and managing their on-going marketing across digital and traditional means.