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Facebook Newsfeed: 6 things to do now

The recent Facebook newsfeed changes are driven by big picture stuff. On the one hand the Facebook newsfeed is bursting at capacity, and on the other hand it’ s being used by Russians to facilitate a new cold war. Regulation of some kind was inevitable, and self-regulation might be the most favoured type of

5 marketing trends to take advantage of in 2018

There is so much change in marketing on an everyday basis, and marketers seem to be constantly on the move to conjure up the next adrenaline high.  Consumers’ stimulation levels have gone up significantly, and brands across sectors are seeking and creating newer ways to build the “experience” for the customer like they did in 2017. Inpost

If you’ve had enough of…

Sending emails that simply don’t get opened, let alone read or clicked Lengthy sales funnels that take weeks to generate sales from your advertising efforts Spending hours creating blog posts, video’s, ads & Facebook posts that generate little to no engagement Customers simply walking away from buying without any real way to “save-the-sale” to boostpost

Facebook Messenger Marketing Letterkenny

Have you seen these Christmas ads?

With Christmas fast apporaching and the festive season soon to be in full swing, we thought it would be nice to give that little Christmassy touch. I mean, why not? Our TVs are telling us it’s Christmas after all, everyone’s in high spirits and who doesn’t love the gorgeous festive adverts that grace our mediapost