Posts published in January 2018


You Need a Marketing Plan

Marketing is about more than your logo, advertising or PR campaigns. It is a discipline that is easily misunderstood, and the area on which businesses can waste time and money on initiatives that offer little or no return. Business owners face either one of two classic problems: ignoring marketing because it’s not for them, or


In the marketing community, there is a struggle between two schools of thought. One school is focused on the product. The other school is focused on the brand. The product folks believe the ultimate winner in every marketing battle is the better product. If this is so, goes the thinking, the role of a company’s

Facebook Newsfeed: 6 things to do now

The recent Facebook newsfeed changes are driven by big picture stuff. On the one hand the Facebook newsfeed is bursting at capacity, and on the other hand it’ s being used by Russians to facilitate a new cold war. Regulation of some kind was inevitable, and self-regulation might be the most favoured type of regulation.