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1. Receive tax-exempt income You can receive tax-free earnings of up to: – €18,000 p.a. if you are aged 65 or over. For a married couple one of whom is aged 65 or over, joint earnings less than €36,000 are exempt: s 188. –  €15,000 p.a. from caring for other people’s children in your home:

You can now see all the active ads run by a Page

Yesterday (June 28th), Facebook released a new tool that will allow users to see what advertisements a Page is running — whether or not all of those advertisements are targeted at that particular user. It’s the latest in a string of new features from Facebook to give users more insight into how advertisers are using

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Powerful Brand Identity

“Know thyself.” When it comes to brand building, that quote holds more weight than you might think. Companies often jump into action within their industries with a view of what they want to create, and who they want to sell to. However, they forget about the key foundation that ensures strong, consistent growth for the

Facebook advertising for your business

Facebook advertisements provide you with a lot of customisation options when it comes to advertising online. Most of the people are just worried about the upfront cost of Facebook advertisements. The truth is that, if you are able to target the right audience online, it would be easier for you to get customers right away

5 Content Strategies to Create Emotional Connections

The strongest brands are relentlessly relevant. They make smart, bold moves that amaze customers, push competitors out of consideration and can even define entirely new categories and markets. While a business’s products and services can too easily become commoditised, the emotional connections a brand makes with its consumers are key to building relevance and loyalty.

Business Funds, Grants and supports in Ireland 

From starting to running to growing, here are over 50 funds and supports available for businesses in Ireland. This list begins with funds and supports for startups and then gravitates towards funds and loans for companies that are already running and finally supports for companies that are growing. STARTING – EARLY STAGE SUPPORTS FOR COMPANIES

Defining Your Brand: The First Step In Your Marketing Strategy

Truly defining your business is a critical first step in developing your marketing plan. Through a continuing series of stories, we’ve been examining how to build a compelling brand experience that will drive customer loyalty — highlighting the principles of big brand marketing so that small business owners can replicate those kinds of successes. But