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Soon you will be able to see your competitor ads

Viewing a Page’s advertisements Aligned with Facebook’s goal to be transparent about the ads that are published on the platform, you can now view the ads a Page on Facebook has running. By looking into the active ads of a Page, you’ll have insight into all ads the Page may have running regardless if you

If you’ve had enough of…

Sending emails that simply don’t get opened, let alone read or clicked Lengthy sales funnels that take weeks to generate sales from your advertising efforts Spending hours creating blog posts, video’s, ads & Facebook posts that generate little to no engagement Customers simply walking away from buying without any real way to “save-the-sale” to boost

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Have you seen these Christmas ads?

With Christmas fast apporaching and the festive season soon to be in full swing, we thought it would be nice to give that little Christmassy touch. I mean, why not? Our TVs are telling us it’s Christmas after all, everyone’s in high spirits and who doesn’t love the gorgeous festive adverts that grace our media

Why a brand is not ‘just a logo’

It’s 9.30am and I’m lacing up my Nike Runners ready for a gym session. My Apple iPod is loaded with a stash of razor light tracks and there’s a bottle of Lucozade Sport for when the thirst hits. In an hour, I’ll be back. With my new Gillette Turbo at the ready, I’ll shower and

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All to often many marketeers have falling victim to developing propositions and marketing it to customers without the required “Insight” to do so successfully. In this post I hope to share with you my learning around “The Power of Insight” and how it helps build a deeper understanding in order to help us develop better

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Does your Go-To-Market strategy answer the 1 million €uro-question?

Whenever I talk to companies about their Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy, no matter how big they are, I find myself going back to the 1 million €uro-question. Here it is: When you eventually become a 1 million €uro company, what will your customer base look like? Will it be: Go-To-Market-Planning-Strategy-Letterkenny-Donegal 1 customer paying you €1 million

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